A Slice of Today…

I was raised with the message “make yourself useful” – that it was necessary to create a life about service to, and inclusion for all. It’s not hard to get that message, being the 2nd oldest of 10 children… In my careers, I have been/or currently am, a teacher, a psychologist, a facilitator, a coach, a mentor and a mediator – to name a few. My passions have always included working with children, especially those with special needs, vulnerable adults, and any person needing help finding and expressing their voice. I have been involved as a volunteer in so many venues since I was very young. My connection to my current volunteer commitment at the Dispute Resolution Center happened very organically, or as I believe, very synchronistically. 
I love nature, water, the north woods, and being outdoors. I am very active, and love almost every outdoor activity I can think of – even in our Minnesota winters. 
I am blessed to still have my parents alive and living nearby. My Mother has recently entered into Hospice, and I am grateful for the opportunity to live close, be involved, and support she and my father on this journey. I feel privileged to be a part of the reflective conversations, listening to and sharing of memories with them about their life, and where they see themselves going from here. 
With gratitude,