The mission of Focused Solution is to help clients resolve conflict through consultation, mediation, facilitation, and coaching. We all come from different places, and I work to help you find the common ground necessary in order to successfully and mutually come to agreements.  


As a mediator, I believe in using focused and enhanced dialogue, and various techniques to open and improve conversation and empathy between disputants, aiming to help the parties reach an agreement. As an interviewer and facilitator, I work directly with organizations, individuals, and clients, helping them with problem solving, settling disputes, and reaching decisions.

As an executive coach I provide honest and constructive feedback that can help improve your personal and/or professional life, by offering support and encouragement and suggesting new ways to achieve your goals.

In all the work I do, I believe that each of us has the power within ourselves to make the changes we are seeking. We draw from our intentions, compassion, commitment, vision, and strengths.

As a former corporate psychologist, I provided training, coaching, facilitation, and consultation to management and employees on resiliency, leadership and organizational change, mental health, building supportive relationships, and navigating life chances and challenges. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more details.

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